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>>/sp/196218 >>196211 people that think that are probably the type of people who do the tide pod challenge and listen to songs like "gucci ga
>>/sp/196217 >goal horn goes off >lights come on >refs wave off goal >play stops
>>/sp/196216 music is haram nasheeds are the only acceptable thing to listen to
>>/sp/196215 >>196213 >>196205 >>196198 wew
>>/sp/196214 >>196211 it means you are boring person. adding fuck all to the conversation when you say something like that.
>>/sp/196213 >>196210 this is what they want divide and conquer the masses into being demoralized about everything they want no escape hence
>>/sp/196212 >>196208 [autism]SMASHED[/autism]
>>/sp/196211 >>196205 idk I think people just think saying that mean's you're weird
>>/sp/196210 It has been a long time guys. I am getting tired of sports.

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